Life is a good place to be


(show at Kaplan Projects)

Aggtelek’s pieces are characterized by their expressiveness, vitality, humor and color. Aggtelek are painting landscapes, flowers, phrases full of positivity to facelife, portraits of friendly spirits, palm trees and Tabasco boats. All based on theirexperiences and lives.

Through dynamic and expressive strokes of acrylic paintings, they have madeten unique canvases where figuration and abstraction are mixed. In this waythey achieve an imaginary in which they explore the symbolism of contemporary  culture, always from a light and sarcastic point of view.

The cravings of their unlimited visual appetite have made Aggtelek’s work thetypical menu of a fast-food chain, an exact X-ray of the time in which they live.

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︎ Aggtelek 2022